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Frequently Asked Questions
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It's easy to get up and running quickly with the !ObservePrime Behavioral Observation Software!

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Welcome to our FAQ page!

!ObservePrime SoftwarePlease read through to see if it helps address any issues you might have, you can also email us if your resolution is not found on this page.

Are you wondering who !Observe Prime was created for? Here is a little information about the Target Audience for
!Observe Prime Users

!Observe Prime Target Audience

Looking for our User's Manual? Click on the link below to get up and running with !Observe Prime.

Click here to download our
!Observe Prime User's Manual

Q: How do I start a new client?
A: Go to your list of clients, and tap on "New", and a new client screen will pop up. Fill in details of your new client. Hit save and your new client now appears on the List of Clients screen.

Q: How do I add a new Target behavior?
A: After you tap on the client, you will notice that the sessions window is blank because this is your first session with this client. The Target behavior appears in the Target Behavior window. You have the ability to add new Target behaviors. Now that you are ready to begin observing, tap "New" button in the upper right hand corner, designating that you are beginning a new session.

Q: How do I adjust the time for my observation?
A: On the data entry screen. Your first decision is the length of the observation session. If you want to adjust the observation time you will use the "+" or the "-" signs.

Q: How do I enter a location?
A: On the data entry screen fill in the location where the observation will take place. !Observe Prime will automatically save the last location used for each client's target behavior. So the next time you setup an observation for this client, it will automatically show whatever you entered there.

Q: How do I track if a behavior is present?
A: During an observation, you enter data via two buttons. The Green or Yes Button indicates the Target behavior is present; the Red or No button indicates the Target behavior is not present. To begin an observation, you are required to indicate whether the behavior is present or not before hitting the Start button. You can stop or pause the observation at any time using the appropriate buttons. When the observation is complete, or when you push the Stop button, the Data Summary Table automatically appears. Pausing is used to stop all functions, so they may be resumed without affecting issues of %, RPM, or Duration

Q: How do I observe multiple behaviors? My referral seems to have more than one problem.
A: Go to the list of clients and tap on the client you wish to add to, tap on the Target Behavior box an "x" will appear. Clear it by tapping the "x". Now type in whatever new behavior you wish to observe. Click "Done" on the keyboard and then tap "New Behavior". This will create a new client entry with specified Target Behavior. To verify this click Clients button at the top left of the screen which will take you back to the list of clients, and you will see a second entry for the desired client, you can start gathering data.

For more in depth picture examples of how to do these tasks, and a step by step guide to using !Observe Prime, please download a copy of our User's Manual.

!Observe Prime - Basic Tutorial 01

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