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Psychsoft Inc.has proven to be the innovator to watch in Behavioral Observation Software.

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Render Reliable and Valid Information in an Effective and Easy to Use Manner.


Who needs behavioral observation software?

If you engage in the collection of behavioral data in school, home, institutional, or experimental settings, Psychsoft can provide you with the tools to help increase the value and usefulness of your observations, and save you time as well. We provide software systems for Mac, and Windows platforms, and are now very excited about introducing our first products for iPhone and Android smartphones.

!ObservePrime is our entry level software, which is remarkably flexible and is easily modified to fit the individual user's needs, whether you are a practicing professional to a parent wanting a simple home observation. It comes with an elegantly simple data entry screen, which yields exceptionally useful results in the form of tables, charts, and graphs. Our software is intuitive, practical, and affordable! We are sure that you will find it helpful to complete your tasks. Please look through our website to learn how Psychsoft products can make your work easier and more productive.

Our Mission

To make observation software that is easy to learn, intuitive, and has simple input procedures but yields a treasure trove of data in a form easily understood by both professionals and non-professionals. We want to exceed your expectations, and render reliable and valid information in an effective and easy to use manner.

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