About Us


Dr. Sander Martin

Dr. Martin is the recently retired head of the School Psychology Graduate Program at the University of North Texas. A University of Oregon graduate, he has been practicing school psychology since 1971. His interest in naturalistic observation stems from his exposure to the work of Oregon Research Institute and the observational coding systems developed there. Dr. Martin had been searching for an easier, more powerful way to take behavioral data since his time at the University of Oregon. This led to his development of the !Observe behavioral observation software and starting Psychsoft Inc.


Gillian Martin

Gillian Martin is a University of North Texas graduate and has taken over marketing and web-site design for Psychsoft Inc. Her goal is to make the software designed by Dr. Martin appealing to users, and supply potential customers with great products and a user friendly website. She believes that good communication and ease of use are key marketing strategies for consumers interested in !Observe Prime.


Benjamin Solomon

Ben Solomon is tech professional, and a man of many trades. He studied at the Hampton Institute, and is an expert in both GooglePlay, and iOS platforms, as well as many digital production platforms. He is also a DJ!


Chris Titzer

Chris is the Lead Programmer of Psychsoft, which allows for our visions to come true. He is certified on the Salesforce platform, an expert in SWIFT, and Mircosoft Azure.