What can !Observe Software do for you?


Behavioral Observation Software for Mobile devices

!Observe Prime, and !Observe Lite, Behavioral Observation Software is available for the iOS or Android mobile devices! Contact us for more information!

Those of us who work with exceptional individuals, know how rigorous all the note taking can be when trying to track a specific behavior or behaviors, with !Observe , we are light years beyond all the paper notes and stopwatches. Using our product will not only save hours of time, it also makes it easy to transfer your work to a computer. So what else does it offer?

  • Ease Of Use
    !Observe  is easy to use and intuitive! You'll be up and running in minutes, and you can also easily teach someone else to gather data.
  • Flexibility
    !Observe has a simple data entry system that is amazingly flexible! If you can define it, you can count it. You can even observe a comparison individual.
  • Value
    !Observe  provides instant useable output in the form of tables, charts, and graphs. You can choose output by percentage, rate, or duration. It also organizes your observations, and saves them for the record port tables, graphs, and charts to your report.

!Observe  behavioral observation software can be used in a wide range of settings including, but not limited to, schools, at home, observation centers, and more! Use our software anywhere while observing human interaction. Simply and quickly input the data for immediate analysis.

What is !Observe Prime?

Get to know an amazingly intuitive and flexible behavioral observation program made for use with the iPhone and Android mobile operating systems! It is Psychsoft's basic observation program and it's purpose is to record single sets of behavior or classes of behavior.

What is !Observe Lite?

!Observe Lite is an even more simplified version of !Observe Prime. It allows for observation of one behavior, when !Observe Prime allows for multiple behaviors.


Currently for a limited time only, we are allowing a free download in the GooglePlay, and Apple stores, of our renowned !Observe Lite version! 


We are currently in the process of building an !Observe Pro version of our software!

It will include even more features and options than both !Observe Lite, and !Observe Prime. So stay tuned!

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